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AGM Minuites

AGM Minuites

Ashley Wells28 May - 21:38
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Please take time to read through the AGM minutes from meeting held on 23rd May 2024

Please take time to read through the AGM minutes from meeting held on 23rd May 2024

There are still a number of vacant positions, without which we cannot run as a club or field all our teams.

Coaching Co-Ordinator
Umpire Co-Ordinator
Umpire development officer
Men's 3rd and 4th team captains

Below is a brief outline of what the role entails

If you are good with spreadsheets then our umpire secretary role might suit you, there is a large pool of willing umpires to work with, all you would need to do each week is let them know which games need umpiring, decide who will be assigned each game and keep a record of umpires to liaise with the treasurer.

If you feel you could develop our newer umpires, and keep up to date with changes in the rules, our umpire development could be the role for you. This would entail organizing some mentoring for new umpires, from our experienced umpires, arranging assessments when required and keeping up to date with any changes in the rules.

Currently the Men's 3rd team and Men's 4th team ae without captains, could you organize the team on a weekly basis, let people know their positions, work with the other team captains and club captain to ensure all teams have a squad, as well as request fees and complete team sheets, if so please talk to your previous captains about taking on the role. Both teams have a wealth of experience and a number of players who have done the role and can support you in this role.

We are also looking for a coaching coordinator, to ensure all sessions have coaches and to be a link between the committee and the coaching team and to keep a record of who is coaching which sessions. You may wish to develop the role further, working with our paid coaches to role out a coaching plan to the whole club or to keep people aware of courses and training opportunities to grow as coaches, but as a new role it would be yours to develop as you see best for the club.


AGM Minuites 24/25

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