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1. Senior Subscriptions

Welcome to the new season at Huddersfield Dragons!

As training starts and the first matches are in the diary, it is time to set up your payments to the club. This year we are continuing with the payment system we put in place last season.

Match fees will continue to be collected through Pitchero. This means you will only pay when you play and there will be no need for redemptions.

Membership subs need to be paid directly into the bank. The reason for the two difference payment methods this is that we pay commission through Pitchero, we think that it is worth paying the commission for the ease of collecting match fees, but not for the annual subs, which are a set amount for the year.
As you know, paying subs and membership is essential for the continuity of our club. Last year due to the extra costs that members were incurring in travelling to home games, we reduced the fees by 20%, unfortunately, we cannot maintain this level, and so they will return to the 21/22 amount without any increase.

Please make sure you set up the following payment depending on your level of membership:

Membership typeMembership subsStanding Order
Full playing adult£1506 payments of £25
Student/unemployed£846 payments of £14
Honorary member£50In full
Occasional player (less than 6 games played)£50In full
Junior playing senior hockey (including development)£846 payments of £14
Non-playing member£35

We are also introducing a family discount where adults and juniors play adult hockey (JPAs) from the same family.
This will work as follows:

Family GroupFull fees Discount Adjusted Fees Standing Order
2 JPA £84 + £84 = £168 15%£126.00£21.00
1 Adult and 1 JPA £150 + £84 = £234 15% £198.90£33.15
1 Adult and 2 JPA £150 + (£84 x 2) = £31820%£254.40 £42.40
1 Adult and 3 JPA £150 + (£84 x 3) = £40225%£301.50 £50.25

Payments please to:
Huddersfield Dragons Hockey club
Sort code: 089299
Account number: 65363892

Please note that all standing orders should be set up by the end of September 2023 and run until Feb 2024. Those failing to pay match fees will be unable for selection the following week, those failing to pay any subs by the end of October will be ineligible for selection.
If a member has any personal circumstances that may affect payment of subs and wishes to discuss it with the club, or if you have family grouping that is not covered in the above table, please contact me directly by email at

P.S. See the document attached for information about goalkeeping kit, driving and umpiring.


Senior Payment Schedule 2023-2024